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British WW2
Taking a steady aim with a rifle-sized firearmCrouched posture with rifle at the readyThrowing a grenadeCarrying a heavy gun on a shoulderDashing forward with a rifleDynamic posture with a rifleIdle posture with a lowered gunStabilized two-handed grip for a gun deployed via bipodHolding a bandage in his handsAdvancing forward with a melee weaponMortar with a gunnerPIAT AT-launcherManly pose with handgun at the readyHolding a handgun with two handsLaying prone with bipod-mounted gunLaying prone with a rifle at the readyVenerable vickers HMG on a tripod with a gunnerCarrying the wounded on a backCarrying the wounded on a shoulderAnti-tank gun crewPointing with a finger at somethingWounded or dead lying on his sideWounded or dead lying on his stomachWounded or dead lying on his back
WW1 French
French cavalryman
WW1 Germans
German cavalryman
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