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Taking a steady aim with a rifle-sized firearmDashing forward with a rifleDynamic posture with a rifleIdle posture with a lowered gunCrouched posture with rifle at the readyStabilized two-handed grip for a large weaponDashing forward with a melee weaponAdvancing forward with a melee weaponOne-handed pistol aiming stanceManly-looking pose with a handgunCrew-served heavy tripod gunPointing with a finger at somethingCarrying a heavy gun on the shoulderMortar with a gunnerLaying prone with a rifle at the readyOgryn with a ripper gunRatling holding his rifle at the readyMounted on a horse, bike or whatever else
Marines WIP
Scout marine with his gun steadily aimed at somethingScout marine dashing forward with his gunScout marine holding his gun in a dynamic fashionScout marine with his gun loweredScout marine crouched with his gun at the readyScout marine wielding a rocket launcherScout marine with a heavy bolterScout marine aiming with a handgunScout marine dashing forward in meleeScout marine pointing at somethingScout marine advancing with his melee weaponScout marine standing at attention with a handgun raisedScout marines land speeder
Admech WIP
Lobotomized servitor
Sister wielding a heavy bolterSister dashing forward with a melee weaponSister armed with a ranged weapon
Orkz WIP
Da meanna and greena ork in da klanDa slugga boy. May chop, may stomp. Got da choppa und da sluggaDis git luv shootin stuffDAKKA DAKKA DAKKA
Nids WIP
A genestealerA genestealerA genestealer
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